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Business Development Consultant Terry H. Hill



To communicate the integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, trust, and professionalism expected of consultants and to provide a means for Terry H. Hill to pledge his commitment to these principles.


  1. I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, And I will always use a professional approach, placing the client’s best interests above all others.

  2. I will treat client information that is not public knowledge as confidential and take reasonable steps to prevent its access by unauthorized persons.

  3. I will inform the client of the project status and not knowingly misrepresent the facts. I will share this information even if it is unfavorable and may jeopardize the assignment.


  1. I will only accept assignments for which my competence and experience qualify me, And I will only assign staff or engage colleagues with the requisite knowledge and expertise.

  2. Before accepting an assignment, I will ensure the client has established and agreed to the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements.

  3. I will avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any situations that may influence my objectivity, And I will also offer to withdraw from an assignment if my objectivity becomes impaired.


  1. I will agree in advance with a client based on my fees and expenses, And I will charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the responsibilities accepted and the services delivered.

  2. I will disclose to clients any fees or commissions that I may receive for recommended goods or services and any financial interests in those goods or services.


  1. I will respect the intellectual property rights of my clients and other consultants. Without permission, I will not use proprietary or privileged information for myself or others.

  2. I will not advertise or promote my consulting services deceptively, And I will not misrepresent or denigrate other consultants or consulting firms.

  3. I will use properly licensed software on my computer and distribute documents that comply with copyright laws. I will not knowingly participate in activities that violate legal statutes or regulations.

I agree to adhere to this Code of Ethics and pledge to uphold its principles.

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Terry H. Hill
January 2, 2023