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As a business development consultant, I coach and consult entrepreneurs like you–small business owners and professional service providers- on creating and implementing actionable strategies to build a high-growth company amid changing circumstances.

I’m an independent third-party guide that provides management consulting and advisory assistance in all stages of your business lifecycle.  I identify any loopholes within your various operational functions, uncover hidden challenges, and discuss any issues you face; I suggest mitigating risks and better-leveraging resources.

Through my coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training engagements, I share my vast experience, insights, and know-how as to why evolution, expansion, and reinvention are the hallmarks of any business with a long history of success.

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Hello, I’m Terry Hill…

As your Business Development Guru, I ask the tough questions, listen well, dig in, and roll up my sleeves.  I’m fact-driven and action-oriented.

I uncover and implement the right solution at the right time and in the right way.  I provide global leadership, problem-solving, and value creation for companies across industries and around the world.  I work as your trusted adviser, coach, consultant, and mentor who tells you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear.

I move my clients where they need to be throughout the seven (7) stages of their business life cycle.

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Ideation Consulting by Terry assists individuals and groups with systematically generating, developing, and evaluating ideas for launching innovative and viable new products and ventures. Ideation consultation entails a process of discovery designed to lead toward creating dynamic and impactful enterprises or social experiences.

The ideation process creates a ripple effect in which one event produces results that spread and have other effects by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement — NDA.  Terry will review your “ideas and new concepts” to help vet them for market segment readiness and capture.  This Ideation Consulting service helps to ensure a greater level of success and sustainability.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE


Startup Consulting by Terry is about assisting new or early-stage businesses to improve specific functional areas (management, operations, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology, and human resources and achieve specific business goals.

Startup Consulting provides support after the product is released. During business scaling, Terry can help: 

  • receive funding for future development;
  • get rid of processes that don’t work anymore;
  • automate processes to make them more effective;
  • create a marketing strategy;
  • solve technical and design issues;
  • create a scaling strategy.

Scaling your startup business can be difficult. However, if you contract Terry to guide you through the process, the startup process will be smoother and less stressful.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE


Growth Consulting by Terry is an independent third-party service that helps businesses to scale and reach their growth goals. Terry accomplishes this objective in various ways.

One of them is helping businesses identify issues as they grow and offering expert advice to address those challenges. He has four decades of experience in scaling businesses to growth and success.

Terry will help to evaluate how far your business has come and the path it is taking. He provides a fresh look at what your business has achieved. As a business growth expert, he gives business owners valuable and strategic insights to transform the growth trajectory of their businesses.

Suppose you are looking for expert assistance for business growth. In that case, Terry will help with counsel and advice on identifying and resolving growth hindrances and implementing strategies to scale your business.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE


Expansion Consulting by Terry is an independent third-party service to help startups and established businesses strategically introduce new products and services and expand geographically, whether locally, nationally, or internationally.

Terry will recommend new profitable products and the best markets by analyzing and identifying new and complementary products and uncovering hindrances to business expansion.

Terry has fast-hand experience acquired through decades of expanding businesses and advising other entrepreneurs and investors. Known as an “out-of-the-box” strategist, Terry keenly understands the issues and challenges affecting businesses at the expansion stage.

Terry is recognized for his creative problem-solving capabilities and exceptional ability to synthesize and communicate complex ideas.

If you are looking for high-level advice on expanding your business, Terry will advise and counsel you on how to solve related issues, introduce complementary products and services, and expand geographically.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE


Maturity Consulting by Terry is an independent third-party service geared towards entrepreneurs in the maturity phase of their venture. By contacting Terry, you will have access to his four decades of small business development experience across a spectrum of industries while working with global entrepreneurs.

You can lean on Terry to supplement your energy, experience, and time. It is common for business owners to become blind to issues and challenges around them. This happens due to bias or being too close to problems/challenges to see them.

Terry’s vantage point allows him to provide constructive feedback and criticism that would go unnoticed.

Contacting Terry H. Hill gives you fresh eyes to spot the real issues holding your business back.

As a business owner, nobody knows your business more intimately than you. While that is fine, it can also be detrimental to your success. When you’re inside the fishbowl, it’s hard to know what it looks like. As your business consultant, Terry provides a wide-ranging view with a laser focus to uncover the issues and challenges that are uniquely yours.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE


Succession Planning Consulting by Terry is an independent third-party service that assists businesses in the succession planning phase. Terry offers various services to support organizations through their leadership transitions effectively. As a business owner, Terry helps you to design, improve, and implement effective emergency and long-term succession plans.

Terry will help you identify critical positions in your organization and create action plans and strategies to facilitate qualified individuals to take on those positions. Terry and his team will help you assess future needs, talent development strategy design, employee engagement and outreach, plan implementation and success assessment, and revisit/refine the strategy as new priorities and challenges emerge.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE



Exit Strategy Consulting by Terry is an independent third-party service that helps business owners to develop a plan for exiting their businesses. Terry assists you in creating an exit plan as well as strategies you should implement to capitalize on your profit. With an exit plan, you are assured that your business is exit-ready, even when the unanticipated occurs.

Terry leverages the best practices he has acquired through decades of first-hand experience guiding business owners to create exit strategies. Known as a critical thinker and an “out-of-the-box” strategist, Terry has gained a keen understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding exit planning.

As an exit planning consultant, Terry and his trusted advisors will guide you through everything you need to know and implement to ensure you and your business are exit-ready.

If you are looking for high-level advice on exit planning for your business, Terry will help you with advice and counsel on your business exit strategy and assist you in developing a comprehensive exit plan.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS SERVICE


The Business Health 360 Self-Assessment, paired with a Live One-on-One Virtual Debriefing Call with Business Guru Terry H Hill, offers a comprehensive evaluation and expert guidance for businesses. The self-assessment analyzes strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and leadership to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In the debriefing call, Terry provides personalized insights and recommendations based on the assessment results. This combination helps businesses understand thoroughly, develop strategies, and optimize performance.  Learn more about this product and service.

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Over the last 40 years, I have seen many market ups and downs. Along the way, I have helped my clients sort through the issues and challenges their businesses have faced due in part to the complexities and fallout of each financial upheaval by providing my clients with clear and accurate analyses, experience, and expertise.

This was true from the 1987 stock market crash through the limited partnership litigation in the early 1990s, the bond market crash in 1994, the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Russian default in 1998, the bursting of the “technology bubble” at the turn of the century, the credit crisis that began in late 2007, and now the markets’ reaction to the post COVID-19 pandemic.

I stand ready to become your “Co-Pilot” and help you to navigate the issues
and challenges of your business lifecycle.


Hello, I’m Terry, a 20-year resident of Sarasota, Florida, via Connecticut, Toronto, and Michigan. Between us, my wife and I have three (3) children, three (3) grandchildren, two (2) grandcats, and two (2) granddogs.  We spend our spare time traveling to Michigan, New Jersey, and New Mexico to visit our clan.

My wife and I have parallel careers.  My wife is a retired elementary school teacher, and I’m an adult educator in the private-independently owned small business arena.  As a Business Development Specialist, I work directly with entrepreneurs on their business life cycle stages, from ideation, startup, growth, expansion, maturity, succession, and exit strategy.

I’m the entrepreneur’s “Co-Pilot,” assisting them with charting their course, staying on course, forecasting possible issues and challenges, and adjusting the course of action to successfully navigate the various stages of their business life cycle journey.  The process that I go through with every client is to educate, consult, train, coach, and mentor.

That’s a lot to absorb, but look, I have been working in business development for four (4) decades.  You know what they say about overnight successes; I’m here to tell you that’s not true.


to learn more about my backstory and how my journey can help you


Access to deeper levels of expertise than you could afford to have on staff as full-time employees.

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Despite its importance in behavior change, education is a broad term that is often misinterpreted. As your business development consultant, I advocate for your behavior change by increasing your personal awareness of why the change needs to be made and the training on how to make the change. I tailor your education in such a way as to be most effective at increasing your personal awareness and you skill set.

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As a business development consultant, I identify the issues and challenges the enterprise is facing, analyze the problem(s) deeply, advise you on the areas of that need improvement, and propose the best possible solution(s). In addition, I develop an action plan to implement the solutions to the problem(s) and present it to you for your approval.

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As your business development consultant, I initially perform a training needs analysis to determine any training shortfalls.  If needed, I create and implement effective training programs to address your organization’s shortfall(s).  Additionally, I optimizes the new training by assessing your existing training resources and develop new training material so that it addresses current skill gaps.

Icon of the Process of Coaching


In the area of training, the goal is to provide one-on-one sessions that are tailored to the your specific personal and professional development needs. The sessions can entail a mix of coaching, training, advice, and guidance at various points in the relationship based on the your needs. The sessions are designed to enhance, develop, and support leadership skills. Whether you are transitioning to leadership, an established leader or an individual contributor, the fusion of services is meant to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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A business mentor has a more long-term relationship with you. They focus on supporting your growth and development as an entrepreneur. Ideally, they have more experience than you in entrepreneurship and will provide encouragement and support by sharing wisdom and lessons learned from their own experiences that could be useful to you. The most successful people all agree that greatness can’t be accomplished in solitude and the value of a great mentor is priceless.

We want to see all our clients succeed and reach their goals so we don’t have a “one and done” mentality when we enter an engagement with YOU!



Systematic approach enables me to deliver consistent, quality results for my clients.

Highly structured process with distinct phases — Discovery > Define > Plan > Execution > Monitoring/Controlling > Closure.

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The discovery phase is the opportunity to discuss and clarify the prospective client’s vision, goals, challenges, issues, competition, and the market.  This data is imperative to determine the scope of the project. Knowing all this will be critically helpful in order to define the details of the project.

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The define phase is the preparation of the consulting project documentation. The Business Consulting Agreement defines the scope of the engagement and outlines the agreed on project deliverables, timelines, resources, associated costs, and communication protocols. The other document preparation includes:  Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete agreements, and the Code of Ethics.

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The planning phase begins once the Business Consulting agreement and companion agreements are signed by the parties.  During this phase, diagnostic analysis is performed using client data, needs, and research of external data and industry trends.

This phase is where the detailed project plan is created which outline the tasks, resources, risks, and timeline associated for the consulting project. After a clear plan has been created, the project can move on to the next phase of execution.

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The execution phase is when Terry implements the newly created project plan. During this phase, Terry meets with client stakeholders to discuss findings and agree on a course of action to help the organization achieve its objectives.

This phase also involves the training or coaching of the client staff on best business practices or how to effectively use the new business solutions.

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This phase of the project focuses on monitoring performance, controlling risks, and making necessary adjustments/changes if required. Terry will evaluate progress against project plans, identify any issues or challenges, and adjust course if needed while providing feedback to the client regarding their business performance.

This phase also provides the opportunity for Terry to make any additional improvement recommendations and advice on business strategies and tactics.

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At this stage, Terry will review client performance against the initial project goals and objectives to ensure the consulting project has been successful.  Terry will also review any business solutions created or changes made during the consulting process to ensure they are still meeting the client’s needs.

Terry will provide a final report on the project and make recommendations for future business initiatives. 

We want to see all our clients succeed and reach their goals so we don’t have a “one and done” mentality when we enter an engagement with YOU!



Transparency is a MUST…  more of my fellow consultants need to practice it!

I’m very transparent and upfront about what you get when working with me. 
You will know in advance and not after the engagement exactly what you’re going to pay. Whether it’s an hourly rate or retainer price, its all spelled out below!

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Pearl Remote Exploratory

Complementary Discovery Call
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  • Discuss the current issues and challenges facing the business.
  • Determine what if any action has been taken to resolve the Is and Cs.
  • Identify and discuss the consulting action required.
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Consulting Calls and Back Up Support
Remote Hourly Packages Start at $97.00...  Order Specific Package Below.
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Scope of Project Call
The Price of Project to be Determined... Click on the Scheduling Button Below.
  • Discuss and define the Scope of Work for specific project.
  • Discuss and establish the Project Timeline as well as various milestones.
  • Prepare and quote the Project Price and Payment Terms.
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Consulting and Back Up Support
Remote Retainer Packages Start at $460.00...  Order Specific Package Below.
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Onsite Consulting and Back Up Support
Onsite Retainer Packages Start at $2289...  Order Starter Package Below.
  • Onsite Retainer-7 is $2289.00
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  • Travel and miscellaneous expenses not included. 
  • Pre-payment required before work begins.
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As your Business Development Guru, I’m often a necessary tool for taking businesses of any size to the next level. The following are some of the reasons why!

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One of the primary benefits of contracting me as your business consultant is that you have instant access to my four decades of small business development experience across a spectrum of industries while working globally with a large diverse group of entrepreneurs.  You can lean on me to supplement your experience, your time, and your energy.

Think of me as your, “Go-to-Expert”.


It’s so common to hear business owners refer to their businesses as their “babies.” Due to bias or simply being too close to the issues to see clearly, companies can easily become blind to problems that are often right in front of their noses. My unique and objective vantage point allows me to offer constructive feedback and criticism that would otherwise go unnoticed in your blind spots.  Contracting me as your business consultant gives you a fresh pair of eyes to spot the true issues holding your company back. 

Furthermore, family-held businesses often suffer from their relationship dynamics such that it can be difficult for the family members themselves to speak openly and honestly about problems dragging the company down. Maybe one family member’s poor performance is being detrimental, or maybe an inter-familial power struggle is causing the company to lack a unified strategy. As a neutral and objective business consultant, I’m able to speak openly about these problems without fear of reprisals.

Think of me as your, “Fresh Pair of Eyes”.


As a business owner, nobody knows your business more intimately than you. And while that’s fine, it can also be a detriment to your success. When you’re inside the fishbowl, it’s hard to know what it looks like.  As your business consultant, I provide a wide-ranging view with a laser focus to uncover the issues and challenges that are uniquely yours.

Think of me as your, “Broad Vision”.


As your business consultant, you will know in advance and not after the engagement exactly what you’re going to pay. Whether it’s an hourly rate or retainer price, I’m very transparent and upfront about the cost of my services. 

Initially, you may think my consulting services are quite expensive. However, business development consultants like myself are very highly specialized, which means we charge a lot more for our time than some general business “coach.”

In most cases, you’ll pay a minimum of $150 to $300 + per hour for a business development consultant. There are even a few consultants who charge as much as $16,000 per day.

My virtual-online consulting fee is $97 per hour with a minimum purchase of one (1) hour of service!  

That’s a hell of a bang for your buck when you consider that my onsite consulting fee is $327 per hour plus expenses with a minimum purchase of three (3) hours of service.

Think of me as your “Asset not Your Expense”.


As your business consultant, I have a wealth of experience working in numerous industries which provides me with a clear line of sight strategy.

Line of sight refers to the alignment between what people are learning and critical business results and challenges. Line of sight is key to both the transfer of new skills, insights, and practices to your business that are required for your success.

I will share with you a solid perspective of what other companies are doing and what it will take for your company to outperform the others.

Think of me as your, “Line of Sight”.


Let’s face it, it can be hard for entrepreneurs – business owners to find the extra time needed to develop effective plans and execute strategies on top of their host of other duties. Taking this time can often feel like a luxury the company can’t afford, especially during the early stages of planning a project that might not even occur. Sadly, many potentially valuable projects and ideas never get traction merely for lack of time.

As your business consultant, I can devote all of my time towards weighing the different options and presenting research and data on the various cost and benefit options to position your business to tackle its goals, while you concentrate your time on what you do best – running your day-to-day operations.

Think of me as your, “Strategic Planner”.


Working with a consultant can be a great solution for companies needing temporary support. As your business consultant, I’m a third-party independent advisor.  I’m not a permanent member of your team, and I do not take any equity in your business.

This means there are no strings attached to our relationship. When my consulting period is done, everyone says thanks, and we both go our separate directions.

Think of me as your, “No Strings Attached Consultant”.

Whether you’re literally just getting off the ground or you are already generating seven- or even eight-figure topline revenue, contracting me as your business consultant to accelerate your growth is a smart move.


Code of Ethics at

Legally Protect Your Sensitive Material and Intellectual Property

Our Confidentiality, Non Disclosure, and Non Compete Agreements for
Our Business Consulting Agreements are for certain specified services for a specified time at a specified rate of compensation from

My Consulting engagement, with you and your company, is one that is based on a policy of written agreements of confidentiality, non disclosure and non compete. These agreements establish the foundation of trust, openness, honesty, professionalism and commitment that is necessary for our relationship and the engagement to be successful. I believe this policy ensures your confidence and integrity in the process.


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My Writings

My Consulting Toolkit

 Tools that focus on business analysis and transformation

My Consulting Toolkit

My Management Consulting Toolkit contains 100s and 100s of the most useful, versatile and value added tools like forms , templates, assessments, worksheets, workbooks, and guides that I have acquired and created over my decades of the client engagements, In general, the tools focus on business analysis, performance, and transformation that cover key consulting disciplines and includes a vast array of tools: 

  • Accelerated SWOT Analysis Tool
  • Business Diagnostic Finding Template
  • Business Initiative Project Charter
  • Capability Gap Assessment Template
  • Cost-Benefit Assessment Framework
  • Customer Experience Design Framework
  • Five Why's Analysis Tool
  • Future State Process Change Framework
  • Jidoka Board
  • Pain Point Analysis Tool
  • Process Flow Analysis Framework
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • SIPOC Analysis Tool
  • Solution Ideation & Ranking Framework
  • Business Stakeholder Tracking Tool
  • Business Transformation Framework
  • Business Vision Template
  • Operating Model Template
  • Organization Impact Assessment Template
  • Strategy Pyramid
  • Transformation Readiness Survey

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